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We are proud to offer even more value to our customers - the McKinney-Vento Liaison Training and Resource Bundle! In this comprehensive toolkit, you’ll have access to our in-depth Liaison Training, our suite of 13 role-specific Essential Staff courses, AND the Data Tool, all for one low per-school price.

Liaison Training
Essential Staff Training
MV Data Tool
Liaison Resources


Equip your district liaisons and school level points of contact with knowledge of McKinney-Vento law, increasing their capacity to implement an effective homeless education program


Train your on-site school staff to identify the signs of homelessness and connect students to their local liaison


Collect, manage, and report on McKinney-Vento student and family data


Maintain annual training requirements for McKinney-Vento federal law compliance

Included Products

Liaison Training

Master the McKinney-Vento Act with Ease

This training meets compliance requirements and takes course participants through the basics, beginning with the legal context of the McKinney-Vento Act. Learners will unpack the law, explore best practices strategies, and wend their way through scenarios, finishing up with a quick quiz. Includes Certificates of Completion.

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Legal Compliance Made Easy

Meet compliance requirements effortlessly with a training that covers the basics, starting with the legal context of the McKinney-Vento Act.

In-Depth Understanding

Learners will delve into the intricacies of the law, explore best practices, and develop strategies to better support homeless students.

Practical Scenario-Based Learning

Navigate real-world scenarios to gain practical insights, and test your knowledge with a quick quiz, ensuring a thorough grasp of the subject matter.

Certification for Achievement

Upon completion, participants will receive Certificates of Completion, validating their newly acquired expertise in McKinney-Vento Act compliance.

Essential Staff Training

Empower Your School Staff with Essential Training

The Essential Staff training bundle includes access to 13 role-specific courses that are designed to train school staff in identifying the signs of student homelessness. Staff members will obtain professional development through a lightweight, yet engaging, training platform, and will walk away with a better understanding of how to support students experiencing homelessness. In addition to the learning modules, participants will complete a pre and post assessment during the course. Certificates of Completion will be awarded and you can track staff progress using the reporting features in the tool.

Course List

Administrator Course
Extracurricular Staff Course
Counselor and Social Worker Course
Early Childhood Course
Enrollment Staff Course
Healthcare Professional Course
Food Service Course
Media Center and Librarian Course
Special Education Course
Teacher Course
Title I Administrator Course
Transportation Course
Community Partner Course

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Role-Specific Training

Access 13 role-specific courses within the McKinney-Vento Essential Staff Training bundle, tailored to educate school staff on identifying signs of student homelessness.

Engaging Professional Development

Staff members can engage in professional development through a user-friendly and interactive training platform, enhancing their ability to support students experiencing homelessness.

Assessment and Certification

Participants will complete pre and post assessments to gauge their knowledge growth, and Certificates of Completion will be awarded, recognizing their commitment to student support.

Progress Tracking

Effortlessly track staff progress with the tool's reporting features, ensuring accountability and continuous improvement in addressing student homelessness.

MV DAta Tool

Empower and Elevate Your Homeless Student Support

The MV Data Tool is designed for use by LEA Homeless Liaisons or other approved district users to document pertinent information on students experiencing homelessness and unaccompanied homeless youth. Basic demographic, services provided, referrals, funds expended, barriers encountered and case notes that help document and track services by student, are included in this system. Reports can be generated from the system for state, federal and local reporting efforts. Secure access is based on a hierarchy of permissions. Integration with district SIS is in production and will be available in the coming year.

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Complete Customization

With the MV Data Tool, you have the power to achieve complete customization, tailoring the data stored to the unique needs of your district, ensuring the most efficient and effective student support possible. This level of flexibility is a key feature that sets our tool apart, empowering you to make it work seamlessly for your specific requirements.

Efficient Data Management

Simplify the process of documenting essential information on homeless students with the MV Data Tool, ensuring that LEA Homeless Liaisons and approved district users can easily track basic demographics, services, referrals, expenditures, barriers, and case notes for better service management.

Secure Data Handling

Rest easy with secure access permissions based on a hierarchical system, safeguarding sensitive student information and ensuring data integrity.

Future-Ready Integration

Stay ahead with upcoming integration capabilities, as the MV Data Tool is set to integrate seamlessly with your district's Student Information System in the near future, enhancing data accuracy and accessibility.

Liaison Resources

All Essential Resources at Your Fingertips

Our comprehensive resource hub serves as a vital support system for liaisons working with families experiencing homelessness, providing a wealth of resources to assist parents in need. From food services and Title I funding guidance to housing assistance and legal aid, our repository equips liaisons with essential tools to help parents access critical services that promote stability.

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Current Resources Available

🏨🍲 Hotel/Motel Meals for Families ExperiencingHomelessness: Connect families with local food resources, including food pantries and meal providers.

🤝 Family Engagement Resources: Find ideas to engage families of McKinney-Vento-eligible students effectively.

📜📋 Sweet Sixteen (Short Version): A quick guide to support your work with McKinney-Vento (MV) orTitle I funds in sixteen specific areas.📃 Homeless Liaison Duties: Get post-training ideas on how to start your work as a homeless liaison effectively.

🏠📝 Fixed, Regular, and Adequate Worksheet: Use this worksheet for housing eligibility determinations.

💬📊 Conversations With Your Title I Administrator: Foster productive discussions with your Title I, Part A administrator about MV students.

🧒📞 Early Childhood Learning Contacts: Find essential contacts to help Early Learning students.

🥫🖼 Food Drive Posters: Access editable posters for your food drive events.

🏚📖 What is Homelessness?: Learn about homelessness under McKinney-Vento to better assist students and families.

🎁🖼 Toy Drive Posters: Choose from editable postersfor your toy drive events.

🧥🖼 Coat Drive Poster: Select from editable postersfor your coat drive events.

🎓📝 Get the Most Out of Your Training: Explore the next steps post-training for personal engagement and program enhancement.

💰🧮 Title I, Part A Set-Aside Calculator: Calculate relevant data for funding conversations about reservations.

⛽🧮 Gas Card Calculator: Track attendance and reimbursement amounts for transportation plans.

📃📈 Sweet Sixteen (Extended Version): A detailed discussion of sixteen areas to support your work withMV sub grant or Title I funds.

📜📄 Student Rights Posters: Printable student rights posters for buildings and the community.

🚩👀 Red Flags: Resources to identify students experiencing homelessness.

🎒🖼 Back to School Supply Drive Posters: Editable posters for Back to School Supply drive events.

🗣🤝 Community Partners Presentation: A PowerPoint guide for discussions with community partners.

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