Tools & Training For LEA Homeless Liaisons

Engage, Learn, and Grow on Your Schedule

Our suite of MV Products provide support and solutions to Liaisons across the country. We provide Liaison and Essential staff training which meets compliance requirements, provide tools to track and record vital information and a resource hub to provide liaisons with the support they need.

How We Help

Supporting Liaisons, Strengthening Students.

Essential Training

Our training programs are easy to deploy. Learn at your own pace and get your certification of completion within 3-4 hours.

Resource Bundle

This all-inclusive package includes in-depth LEA Liaison Training, thirteen role-specific essential staff courses, and our proprietary data tool, all at an affordable per-school rate.

Grants & Funding

Designated grants and federal funds are pre-qualified, making purchasing our program easier than ever before.

Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is committed to providing expert assistance and tailored solutions to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products and services.

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Reach out to us for more information and we'll answer any questions you may have.

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