Essential Staff Training

The Essential Staff training bundle includes access to 13 role-specific courses that are designed to train school staff in identifying the signs of student homelessness. Staff members will obtain professional development through a lightweight, yet engaging, training platform, and will walk away with a better understanding of how to support students experiencing homelessness. In addition to the learning modules, participants will complete a pre and post assessment during the course. Certificates of Completion will be awarded and you can track staff progress using the reporting features in the tool.

13 Role-specific Courses
Administrator Course
Extracurricular Staff Course
Counselor and Social Worker Course
Early Childhood Course
Enrollment Staff Course
Healthcare Professional Course
Food Service Course
Media Center and Librarian Course
Special Education Course
Teacher Course
Title I Administrator Course
Transportation Course
Community Partner Course
Product Features

Empower Your School Staff with Essential Training

A comprehensive solution offering 13 role-specific courses, designed to equip your school staff with the knowledge and skills they need to identify and support students experiencing homelessness. With engaging professional development, assessments, and progress tracking, your staff will be well-prepared to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable students.

Role-Specific Training

Access 13 role-specific courses within the McKinney-Vento Essential Staff Training bundle, tailored to educate school staff on identifying signs of student homelessness.

Engaging Professional Development

Staff members can engage in professional development through a user-friendly and interactive training platform, enhancing their ability to support students experiencing homelessness.

Assessment and Certification

Participants will complete pre and post assessments to gauge their knowledge growth, and Certificates of Completion will be awarded, recognizing their commitment to student support.

Progress Tracking

Effortlessly track staff progress with the tool's reporting features, ensuring accountability and continuous improvement in addressing student homelessness.

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